Skin care tips for a day at the beach

With the temperatures dropping, basking at the beach definitely seems like a perfect way to spend the weekend. However, though it might feel a lot cooler at the beach, and the sun might feel nice and warm on your skin, we have to understand that the rays still have the same harmful effects. And that’s not it; you’re also surrounded by the sand and sea that also act as reflective surfaces that bounce off light. So here are all the extra skin care tips you’ll need for your day out.


The two essential things you’ll need to keep your skin safe are loads of sunscreen and moisturiser. Applying a moisturising sunscreen before leaving the house is something we’re all familiar with, but the truth about sunscreen is that no matter how much you’ve slathered on, it’s never really enough! The solution, you ask? Make sure all your products have a broad spectrum SPF in it too. If you’re using a tinted moisturiser, foundation, or just a BB cream, make sure it comes with SPF. That way, you’ll have layers of protection.

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Use sweat and water-resistant products and keep reapplying

This holds true, especially for your sunscreen. Even if you’re staying out of the water, you’ll still be prone to a little sweating, so reapply your sunscreen every two or three hours. When getting into the water, take the effort to step out every hour and reapply. If a product claims to be water-resistant, it will most likely mention for how long too.

Don’t let your lips dry

Yes, sipping on lemonade is great, but your lips need more to stay hydrated from the inside. Make sure you wear a moisturising lip balm that comes with an SPF too. It’ll also make your lips look luscious.

Use a pH based cleanser

Your cleanser shouldn’t strip your skin off its natural oils. Opt for a gentle, pH-balanced cleanser. If your skin feels tight after cleansing, it means your cleanser is too harsh.

Bring out the accessories

Now, if we said ‘protect yourself from the sun by wearing a hat’, it’d probably sound too boring (and you’d ditch the advice). But wide-brimmed hats and big shades are fashionable beach accessories, so don’t be shy to flaunt them.

Aloe vera for sunburns

Lotions, creams, and gels with aloe vera are great to soothe irritated skin. If you’ve spent fairly long hours at the beach, there is a good chance of sunburns too. Wash the affected area with cold water and apply a product enriched with aloe vera.


Wipes are always handy at the beach when you want to take off residual cream, makeup, or just sand. Pick one that is fragrance-free.

Face mist

Make your own face mist with a little rose water and lemon and carry it in a spray bottle. You can spray whenever you’re feeling a little tired, and it’ll leave you smelling great too

Antara Bose is a model turned fashion and beauty consultant. Follow Antara on instagram: @antarabose and on Facebook: Antara Bose.