It’s time to think about desert

Want to learn how to drive in the sand? Want to escape the city and camp under the stars? Want to socialise with other adventure-loving people or enjoy a weekend off road? The Guide Oman ensures you get to enjoy the ‘real Oman’. “ Built on pure passion for adventures, camping, and most importantly desert escapades, our aim is to pro-vide local hospitality with local flavours served with local smiles,” said Rebecca Mayston, manager and expedition leader of The Guide Oman.

People join from all walks of life

“Our customers seek quality and unique adventures. They are from all walks of life. To date we have welcomed over 95+ nationalities, yet in the desert they come together as one family, sharing the common bond,” she added. The Guide Oman has lined up few interesting trips for their customers this year.

Weekend adventures

On January 17 & 18, 2020 they are organising a one- night adventure that is perfect for families, beginners, or those who are looking for a quick desert experience. On January 23-25, 2020 they are having a two nights adventure in Rub Al Khali, that is home to towering dunes and many stories of famous explorers. “Entering the desert south of Adam allows this as a weekend adventure from Muscat,” said Rebecca.

Ladies desert safari

On February 7 & 8, 2020 they would be hosting their 10th Ladies Desert Safari that encourages women drivers to take the steering wheel, learn the skills and foster the passion for desert driving. Learning to drive provides an exciting opportunity to get off the beaten path, and into areas that are not explored.

Driven by passion

“There is an enthusiastic, passionate and dedicated team to make it possible. Named The Guide Oman 3R team, they are a crew who are driven by passion for the desert. They support these events, and alleviate all concerns about the knowledge, safety, and being off the beaten path. We call them our 3R team, as they provide Relief to guests, as they Rescue people and Recover vehicles. This team includes mechanics, first aiders, marshals and support crew, and the all-important drivers’ education,” informed Rebecca.
Highlighting the details of the event Rebecca said that each day of the safari trips begin with a briefing for all participants. This includes the education of desert driving, the safety requirements of participations and also care and protection for the environment that we are entering.
“We are Oman’s number one Desert Safari Company allowing guests to self-drive, whereby you can learn and experience the challenging thrill of desert driving. One can traverse through remote unchartered terrain, with pristine sand dunes that tower to 200 m high mountains of golden silky grains or marvel as the sands transform from coarse red grains to soft white silk as we approach the coastline, she added.

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