15 favourite abaya trends

Story Antara Bose

Abayas have seen some phenomenal changes over time, and they just keep getting better. Embracing modest fashion like no other, here’s a list of our 15 favourite styles. What’s your pick?

1.Ruffled sleeves – Who doesn’t like ruffles? The ruffled sleeve has been a favourite for those who fancy simple designs but would like to add an extra flair to their attire.

2. Pleats – Pleated skirts were a huge trend, and we love the fact that it has caught on to abayas too. Whether you choose to go a little mellow with pleats only on the sleeves and at the ends of the abaya, or decide to flaunt a fully-pleated cape abaya, we’ll give anything with pleats a big ‘yes’.

3. Denims – Denims can never go out of fashion. So why not incorporate it in abayas too! If a monotone denim abaya is too much for you, go for abayas that have denim patchworks, or opt for the trending three-toned denim dress abayas.

4. Pearl embellishments – Pearls are classy. Add them to any dress and it’ll instantly make it look chicer. Abayas with pearl embellishments were one of the most popular trends at a point in time. While some designers preferred to adorn the entire fabric with little pearls, others made intricate designs around the shoulders or along the sleeves. These designs could also double as necklaces and bracelets, thus saving the effort of having to put on accessories additionally. Smart!

5. Fringes and feathers – There is just something so delicate, feminine, and chic about this style. It was no surprise when it was all over the modest fashion runways. While you can go all out with this look in a full-fringed abaya, minimalistic fashion saw us leaning towards using the fringes and feathers only along the edges.

6. Pockets – Talk about utilitarian fashion! Pockets were a welcome addition, and abaya-lovers were quick to flaunt this trend. And in case you’re wondering, yes, the pockets are deep enough to fit more things than one.

7. Statement belts – Belts add structure to abayas, and it wasn’t long before minimalistic belts and simple tassels were replaced by chunkier belts, even becoming the single-most prominent accessory of the entire ensemble.

8. Pastel hues – Shifting from the traditional black, abaya enthusiasts found immense solace in pastel-toned abayas that were minimalistic, sober, and perfect for work or a casual brunch. Rose, blush, and beige remain popular colours, but light hues of blues, lavenders, and even yellows are just as fashionable.

9. Net overlay – Want to glam up a simple, monotone abaya? Throw on a net, cape-styled abaya and you’re good to go. Opt for intricate details like embroideries, beadwork, or sequins on the net if you want something fancier.

10. Athleisure-style – Probably a little controversial initially, these abayas eventually made their place in fashion because no one could deny the comfort it came with. A fun twist to the conventional abayas, athleisure-styled abayas are generally loose, made with light-weight, sweat-wicking fabrics, and come with sporty stripes. They’re just cool (pun intended)!

11.Puffed sleeves – Puffed sleeves were everywhere at one point. Though the trend has somehow fizzled out, we’re happy to see them still prevalent in abayas. We hope it stays that way!

12.Textured fabrics – You don’t have to worry about prints and patterns if you’re going for textured abayas. The subtle texture makes this style look absolutely effortless.

13.Floral embroideries – Florals have always been a favourite with abayas. Beads, stones, and sequins are often used with hand-embroidered work producing abayas that are the definition of classy.

14. Dual-tones – Can’t decide between going neutral or going bright? This style is the answer to your dilemma. While you are free to flaunt any colour (contrasting or complementary), a lot of fashion bloggers embraced this look in a classic black and white.

15. Checks and plaids – Whenever checks and plaids have come into fashion, so have these abayas. These are youthful, casual, and a little offbeat.

Antara Bose is a model turned fashion and beauty consultant. A popular blogger, anchor, and voice over artist.Follow Antara on instagram: @antarabose and on Facebook: Antara Bose