Explore hands-on exhibits at Oman Children’s Museum

Story Gautam Viswanathan

If you’ve lived in Oman for a while, you’re sure to have come across a two-domed structure on the side of the Sultan Qaboos Highway, right next to the City Amphitheatre.

Known as the Children’s Museum, this museum in Qurum is great for an evening of entertainment and educational fun. The kids can spend hours exploring hands-on exhibits while learning about natural sciences.

“This museum simplifies science and technology and presents them in an animated version, allowing visitors to see the vital role played by science in various aspects of life,” according to Oman’s Ministry of Tourism.

“The museum is headquartered in two large domes in Al Qurum area in Muscat Governorate and is visible from a long way. Although this museum is called the Children’s Museum, its exhibits are suitable for all ages and are presented in a simplified fashion to facilitate access to information for future generations.”

“The museum was established by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture and opened on November 17, 1990 by the late His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said bin Taimur, to mark the 20th National Day celebrations in Oman,” added the Ministry. “The museum has 45 exhibits and two demonstrations and comprises 10,000 square feet. It was the first science museum in Oman and has around 50,000 visitors annually.”