5 tips to keep your pantry organised

It’s no secret that organising your household takes some work. Many people go to great lengths to make sure that everything’s as streamlined as possible.
Your pantry should be no different. Luckily, there’s a handful of organisation hacks you can use to help clean things up. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Clear containers
The majority of items that you’d store in your pantry come in containers or boxes that prevent you from seeing what’s inside. For those who keep their pantry well-stocked, you may find yourself searching for one particular food or ingredient. If it’d be easier to identify the food outside of its box or container, place it in a clear container instead so you can find it quickly.In some cases, though, it may be easier to leave the product in its original box (such as if the box often has a bright colour).

Place older food towards the front

It’s not uncommon for multiple grocery trips to push older food to the back of the pantry. But this leads to both rotten food and wasted money. This is especially true for grain products like bread and cereal after they’ve been opened.Instead, keep the food you’ve already purchased near the front of the pantry to ensure that you eat it before it goes bad.

Put time into maintenance
As with any type of household cleaning, you can’t expect things to stay tidy if you only work on them when they need it. Five or 10 minutes per day is all it takes to keep your pantry organised though, so make sure you put the time in.
A great routine to get into is to tidy up your pantry while you’re waiting for food to cook. Creating a cleaning calendar can also help you stay on top of the mess.

Over-door storage
Products that hang over doors and provide additional storage space are perfect for pantries. Anything that takes up too much space on a shelf or doesn’t have anything similar it needs to be stored with are the main products you’ll keep here. Over-door storage products are also ideal for holding bags, as they’ll help them retain their shape.

Keep ingredients together
If you frequently cook meals that require a handful of specific ingredients, keep these together in your pantry so you can minimise the amount of time you spend searching for them. For example, if you make a particular stew or season your chicken a certain way on a weekly basis, a section in your pantry that has all these ingredients in one place will make cooking a much more enjoyable process. – Courtesy of articlecity