Go for camping at Fins white sand beach

Story Gautam Viswanathan

Oman is a land peppered with hidden hotspots that are just perfect for get-aways, and allow you to embrace the solitude and oneness that you find with nature.

The Fins white sand beach, located quite close to the famous Bimmah Sinkhole and roughly in the same area as the Quriyat Dam, has so far been one of Oman’s better kept secrets, but don’t expect it to stay that way for long!

The sense of calm and tranquility that one feels upon visiting this beach simply cannot be put into words…it has to be experienced.

“Only a short drive from Bimmah Sinkhole, Fins is a coastal village mainly known for its hidden beaches and coves framed by white sands, turquoise waters and the Al Hajar Mountains as backdrop,” said Oman’s Ministry of Tourism. “It’s perfect for a memorable camping experience.”

Fins beach –located near the village for which it is named – is also a great camping spot. “From the white pebble sand beaches of Fins and Sur, to rocky outcrops above the clouds on Jebel Samhan in Dhofar, Oman has hundreds of stunning camping locations for visitors to choose from,” said the Ministry. Whether it is the rugged coastline of Ras Al Madrakah, the white sands of Fins Beach or the endless expanse of Masirah Island beaches, visitors are welcome to enjoy beach walks, picnics and wild camping.”