Calmness of waves at Al Sawadi Beach

Story Gautam Viswanathan

Al Sawadi Beach has gained fame among visitors from both within and outside the Sultanate, especially during the summer holidays or on national occasions when the place is crowded with citizens and residents who come to enjoy the softness of the sand, calmness of waves and the beauty of the scenery of the seven islands.

The beach is named after the Sawadi village, a beautiful coastal village located in the Wilayat Barka in the Governorate of South Al Batinah, famous for its tourist landmarks that attract visitors from all over. There are seven islands in Al Sawadi village that can be seen by visitors from afar – with wonderful peaks floating on the sea that can be reached by boats run by citizens who work at transporting visitors to these islands in a short period of time.

Describing Al Sawadi the Ministry of Tourism said, “This beach is located near Barka in the Batinah South Governorate. It lies 70 kilometres from the capital Muscat. What distinguishes this beach is the beautiful rock islands scattered close to the coast. These islands lend a touch of the artistic to the location and are an important spot for both migratory and indigenous birds.

“You will find a number of aquatic sports on this beach, which has a resort equipped with all the necessities for such activities,” they added. “The largest of the seven islands lies almost within spitting distance of the beach, a large rocky hump topped by a string of watchtowers, while the other smaller islands lie further out to sea. It’s possible to walk across the sand to the main island at low tide, though take care you don’t get stranded when the tide comes back in.

“At other times boat trips can be arranged by bargaining with the local fishermen on the beach for around 5 OMR,” said the Ministry. “The beach here is littered with exotic-looking seashells, perfect for a stroll and a spot of beachcombing.”