Great spots for fishing dot Oman’s long coastline

A pastime for some, a profession for others, the love people in Oman have for fishing only makes the relationship between the Sultanate and the sea even stronger.

One of the most prominent fishing locations in the country is Sur, which with its natural harbour has long been a base from which both merchants and fishermen have set out to sea in the past, each searching for their very own kind of treasure.

“The city of Sur, famed for its ship building, makes for fantastic camping and fishing locations,” said Oman’s Ministry of Tourism. Masirah Island, which is only accessible by ferry, is another great fishing spot in the Sultanate.

“It can only be reached by ferry from Shannah and is a bird watcher’s paradise as well as an important hatching site for a vast number of migrating sea turtles,” explained the Ministry. “A great place to enjoy fishing, it also has many water sports such as kitesurfing and sailing due to the winds close to the shore.”

Great spots for fishing dot the country’s long coastline. Al Shuir beach in the Wusta Governorate has long been home to a thriving fishing community – “El Shuyr Beach is just a few minutes’ drive from Al Duqm and like all beaches in the area, has soft white sand and an eternal light breeze. Around are houses of fishermen, which indicates that this area is also great for fishing. So is the town of Taqah in the Dhofar Governorate,” said the Ministry of Tourism.

Closer to the capital, Yiti beach and Quriyat both make for great fishing spots. “The Yiti Beach, located beyond the village of Yiti, is a small beach – about one kilometre long – that can be easily reached by car. Frequented by locals as well as tourists, it is a great spot to enjoy barbecues, camping, and fishing,” the Ministry added.

Describing Quriyat, the Ministry said, “The fishing village of Quriyat, en route to Sur, is a favourite with bird watchers. Continue along the road past the Quriyat fort and a large mangrove swamp to reach the town’s pretty seafront corniche, at the end of which is the harbour, with boats drawn up on surrounding sands overlooked by a round watchtower sitting proudly on the headland above.”