Izki, home to Oman’s oldest historical ruins

Located just 30 km from Nizwa, and 120 km from the capital, Muscat, Izki is home to some of the country’s oldest historical ruins.

The Izki Fort is a must-see when you are in the town, as is the Jarnan Cave – a great spot to take photographs – and of course, no visit to any Omani town is complete without a visit to the local souq, which is located near the old fort.

While you’re there also visit Falaj Al Malaki, one of the oldest falaj systems in the Sultanate. “Falaj Al Malaki is located in wilayat Izki in A’Dakhiliyah Governorate, and is one of the oldest falaj systems in the Sultanate. Falaj Al Malaki is considered one of the largest Dawoodi falaj systems as it has 17 branches that feed the falaj,” said Oman’s Ministry of Tourism.

Another place you must see – if you seek out the calming greenery and clear waters of the oases in Oman, and the serenity they bring to visitors – is Wadi Mahram.

“Take the highway to the interior region. After passing Wadi Bani Rawaha in Samayil wilayat, a signpost indicates the turn to Wadi Mahram on your left,” explained the Ministry of Tourism. “Some 14 km down this dirt track, a fork appears in the road.  The right fork leads you to the picturesque villages of Sehma and Mokazza, which belong to Izki wilayat. This trail eventually meets up with the highway linking Izki and Sinaw.”

Mahram, a few kilometres away, is one of the most populous villages along the wadi course, boasting of a school, a health centre and other civic amenities. A couple of ancient towers watch over the village from their hilltop perches.