Sadah, a special place to visit in Dhofar

The next time you plan a trip to the Dhofar governorate, you might want to swing by Sadah.

Located some 135 km from the regional capital of Salalah, Sadah’s amazing weather, coupled with its history and culture, make it a place to experience a lot of what makes Dhofar a special place to visit. From Sadah, travellers can also visit the Hallaniyat Islands off the coast of Oman, should they choose to do so.

“The wilayat is known for its archaeological sites, the Sadah castle is one of its important features,” said Dhofar Municipality. “About seven kilometres to the east of Sadah is the ancient city of Mahalla, and the tomb of Saleh bin Hood, peace be upon him.”

“Sadah Fort is considered to be an archaeological landmark for its traditional Omani style with unique architecture,” added the municipal organisation. “In the past, the castle was a shield to protect the city from external threats. The fort of Sadah represented the eastern end of protection amongst a series of fortifications that protected the coast of Dhofar. 

Traditional crafts in Sadah are characterised by the extraction of frankincense, besides other crafts such as fishing, honey farming, and livestock grazing. With  Sadah’s seaside location, the town is also known for its fabrication of fishing nets and traps. It also has a leather tanning industry, which operates in the traditional Omani style, and is also famous for its knitting and embroidered works.

“Sadah is considered to be an important tourism direction for its beautiful and attractive beaches, and is known as one of the best and safest places for camping and sailing,” added Dhofar Municipality. “The land is protected from the monsoon winds by the high cliffs which cover the gulfs. In addition, there are many springs in Sadah which are a source of freshwater, besides the caves spread across the mountains and wadis.”

A popular spring in Sadah that is visited by many is the Natif Hasik spring. According to the Ministry of Tourism, “Natif is the site of a spring located in Wilayat Sadah in the Dhofar governorate. The location of this spring is an extension of the Samhan mountaintops, in particular the Natif region. ‘Natif’ means the distillation of water. This site is characterised by constantly dripping water from the sediments and pools present on the mountaintop.”