Samail, a desert mountain oasis

Home to one of the first mosques in Oman, Samail, in keeping with the history of the Sultanate, also has beginnings that date back to thousands of years.

“Samail is where the first mosque built in Oman is still standing,” said Oman’s Ministry of Tourism. “Nowadays, this mosque is known as Al Midhmar Mosque. Samail also stands as a true example of a desert mountain oasis.”

While you are in Samail, please do check out Al Afiya Village in Wadi Bani Rawaha, which is located under a mountainous footpath surrounded by mountains on all sides, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers and mountain-climbers.

The village is located in the south-west of the Wilayat of Samail. The village’s name was changed into Al Afiya for its beautiful natural surroundings that made it one of the first stops for tourists in the wilayat, particularly among expatriates. One of the most important tourist attractions in the village is Wadi Al A’ssi.

It is one of the most active wadis in Wadi Bani Rawaha that, when it joins with Al Mesqah Wadi, sometimes causes an overflow of water, particularly during the rainy season. Water that flows down the mountains contributes to the flow of water in the wadi.

The flooding of the wadi attracts many tourists to spend a beautiful day among picturesque natural surroundings and fruit trees overlooking the sides of the wadi, while the water from the top of the mountains leads to the formation of beautiful waterfalls.

Although the village of Al Afiya is in a mountainous area and located under the foot of a mountain, it is characterised by the cultivation of all kinds of date-palms and citrus trees, aiding in the cultivation of lemons, oranges and mangoes.