Experience history, nature and culture in Khabourah

Story Gautam Viswanathan

A location from which travellers to Oman can visit both its mountains and enjoy the beach, and the blue sea beyond, Khabourah there’s as much to experience in the town as there is beyond it.

If you’re a fan of history, nature and culture, then do visit Khabourah the next time you’re in the North Batinah governorate. The area is peppered with several lush, green oases, especially after the seasonal rainfall that parts of the country receive, particularly between the months of September and March. The town is located about 176 km from Muscat.

The wadis around Khabourah are full then, so it is advised for travellers to take a four-wheel drive if they are interested in exploring the rugged off-road terrain or experience a spot of wadi bashing. However, travellers are advised not to drive into wadis that are in full flow, as the current of these water bodies are often deceptive and are quite capable of carrying away both you and your vehicle.

When you go to Khabourah, please do visit the wadi of Al Hawasnah. According to the Ministry of Tourism, “Wadi Al Hawasnah impresses with its mix of natural water pools, ancient forts and geological surprises such as mountains of ophiolite rock.”

Another location that comes highly recommended is Al Gaizain village. “Al Gaizain village, with its lush foothills, towering mountains and beautiful wadis, is an exciting vacation destination and a place for those who crave for adventure in their trips. They will seriously consider making this a top choice of places to visit. The village is about 21 kilometres from Al Khabourah roundabout,” added the Ministry of Tourism.

“The village is tucked away in the folds of the surrounding mountains, partly hidden by an oasis of trees,” added the ministry. “Terraced farms along the summits add much charm to the landscape. On either side of the village are clusters of trees.”