What’s trending in the world of earrings?

Story Antara Bose

The thing about earrings is that if you love them, you can never really have enough. You could have bought a dozen from one of those eager street vendors or picked up a unique pair from a high-end boutique, but the urge to add on to the collection is hard to suppress.  We answered a few questions on what’s trending in the world of earrings, and it’s the perfect guide to pick up some new pieces (just in case you’re missing something). Now you have another reason to shop!

The mix and match trend is huge right now. How do we pull it off?

This trend is here to stay, so the more we learn to improvise, the more fashionable we can claim to be. The best thing is that there are innumerable ways to improvise.  If you’re new to the trend, start by playing it safe.  Try two different studs that complement each other and have something in common. You can match the metal, the colour, or even stick to a theme.

Once you’re comfortable and are willing to try something a little more obvious, go for a simple stud in one ear and a hoop or a drop earring on the other. You can flaunt this with a side braid. If you want to keep people guessing, wear the longer earring on the side opposite to the braid.

Pro tip: Unless you are ready to go really bold (and maybe slightly controversial), avoid wearing heavy earrings on both sides. Not everyone can pull off a chandelier and a chunky hoop combination.

What are some evergreen pieces you need to have in your earrings collection?

It’s hard to not want every design (we get it). But our top picks are gold hoops, diamond studs, pearls, chandeliers, tassels and feathers, and of course, the ear crawlers.

Skin undertones are sometimes used to determine the type of jewelry. Does hair colour have anything to do with choosing earrings? 

Surprisingly, yes! After all, the hair is pretty close to the ear. We usually talk about length and hairstyle, but let’s not forget the colour is also important. Blondes should avoid anything white because it can make them look washed out. Ruby reds, emerald greens, or even aquamarines are great colours for those with light hair.

Pro tip: You can match it to your eye colour. 

Redheads should steer away from anything fiery. Bright oranges, deep reds, or even fierce pinks are colours that will look overpowering.  For those with dark hair (who prefer wearing their hair down), all colours apart from ones that blend with the hair are great.

What’s the biggest mistake when pairing earrings to dresses?

Plastic earrings with a silk dress – that example should say a lot. It’s essential that we match the style or elegance of the dress to the earrings. If we fail, it’ll just end up ruining the entire ensemble.

Should you wear earrings to the beach?

Yes, you can. But avoid earrings that are prone to get tangled with your hair (bet you don’t want earrings ruining your beach waves). Feather earrings, though they look great in photos, will probably end up getting ruined by the end of a typical beach day. Stick to smaller, sturdier earrings that won’t get damaged by sand and sea.

Is it still fashionable to wear multiple earrings in one ear?

Of course! It’s gotten more creative, and you don’t need to actually have multiple piercings. Instead of only studs, or little hoops, consider flaunting a large crawler with a trail of studs of different sizes. For those without multiple piercings, couple it with ear cuffs.  

How do we match earrings to face shapes?

There are a lot of face shapes – an inverted triangle, heart, the lucky oval, and so on. But, we’ll keep it simple. If you are swaying to more roundish features, go for something that will give the illusion of the opposite. Geometric shapes and drop earrings work best, so steer away from anything round. The opposite will hold true for square faces. Heart-shapes and inverted triangles should try to balance the tapering chin with a chandelier or even teardrop earrings.

Pro tip: Keep in mind your bone structure when matching earrings to face shape.