Al Mudhaibi: Hotbed of culture and heritage

One of Oman’s largest regions, Al Mudhaibi has always been a hotbed of culture and heritage, and like the rest of the country, is keen to share this with the world.

There are many traditional attractions for tourists who travel to Mudhaibi, which is located about two hours south of the capital, Muscat. Like many other settlements in the Sharqiyah Governorates, Al Mudhaibi also organises a traditional market or souq on Tuesday and Thursday evenings in the town of Sinaw.

In the olden days, merchants would set up their stalls in a different town on every day of the week, so that inhabitants from many villages would get a chance to buy their goods. This practice is followed in the Sharqiyah regions even today, and proves to be an important tourist attraction. These local markets highlight crafts and industries that characterise each wilayat.

While in Mudhaibi, do also visit the Rawdha Castle and the Khabib Fort, both which play an important role in showcasing the history of Oman. Because Oman has witnessed so much history over the centuries, new discoveries are constantly being unearthed. In November 2019, 45 tombs and a settlement that dated all the way back to the Iron Age were discovered on Saleeli mountain near Al Mudhaibi.

“Tourism is very important to Al Mudhaibi for its economic development,” said Oman’s Ministry of Tourism. “Wadi Andam gives this area a big chance to strengthen its tourism, especially during the holidays, to enjoy its serene scenes featuring wadis and natural parks with large canopies of trees. There are also vast deserts. All these give the area a unique charm and help make it attractive for tourists.

“Agriculture is among the main sources of income,” added the Ministry. “This agriculture is supported by an abundance of water from the falaj flowing through the villages in the area. The villagers cultivate citrus trees, grow grass for animals, and harvest fruits and vegetables. The Bedouin people also raise camels and goats as a source of income.”

“Wilayat Al Mudhaibi is one of the biggest wilayats of the Sultanate of Oman,” the Ministry went on to say. “It has about 95 villages and a large number of people residing in these communities. Almost every village in this wilayat is unique, with a different characteristic that distinguishes it from the other wilayats.”