The New Fiat 500 is coming: It’s time to take action to create a better future

“It’s time to take action to create a better future.” Fiat is taking on the challenge by bringing out its family jewels: the 500. Because the 500 has always kept pace with time. It changes when social needs change.
The New 500, FCA’s first fully electric car was recently presented in Milan and it will change the rules of the game for zero-emissions vehicles.
To picture the future of the 500, the Fiat brand started from what made it what it is. The same was true of the first generation, which offered mobility and freedom in the 1960s. The 500 represented a sea change, and became a much-loved brand. A car that was always on the crest of the wave, and that has established itself as an icon since its debut, 63 years ago.
With the second generation, launched in 2007, the Fiat 500 introduced the concept of coolness and charm to the city car, becoming an icon of Italian fashion and style that conquered the world. An ever-evolving model that has inspired artists and musicians over the past thirteen years, and has been the linchpin of more than 30 special series.
Now, in 2020, a new era is coming, and it is time for the Fiat 500 to use all its popularity to inspire change and become part of the solution.
As mobility is expected to be more sustainable, connected and autonomous, with increasingly stringent regulations, the third generation of the Fiat 500 is once again at the fore, bringing with it design and driving pleasure. It is not just a revolution, but the “reincarnation” of a spirit, one that can inspire renewal. In fact, rules and regulations are not enough for a true revolution, something iconic and beautiful is needed: the New Fiat 500.
The path of change cannot be taken alone. We need partners with an equally positive outlook, who want to get involved in improving the state of the Earth, by sharing values and goals. Leonardo Di Caprio has embraced the New Fiat 500 project. The global megastar, who has been personally involved in protecting the Earth for more than twenty years, has offered his endorsement for the vision of the new electric city car.
This vision is shared by other stakeholders – Giorgio Armani, Bvlgari and Kartell, three iconic companies in the world of Made in Italy, which, together with the Fiat brand, have breathed life into a strategy where sustainability is closely intertwined with excellence in know-how, creativity and innovation.
This is how the One-offs, the three unique and exclusive examples of the New Fiat 500, came to be. To create these models with Armani, Bvlgari and Kartell, we took as a starting point the values of the iconic 500, the best-known Fiat city car in the world, by those who define the third generation. Combining these values with their own has resulted in three unique models of the New 500, characterised by style, creativity and craftsmanship.
Real masterpieces of Italian ingenuity to the extent of a great work of art, the three One-offs were produced with the will and commitment to make more use of sustainable, natural and recycled materials.

The best possible range, charging and driving
When designing the New 500, the engineers started with a blank sheet of paper, so they could work on every aspect with the utmost attention to detail and choose the best solutions.
Range and charging times are two key issues for customers. The lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 42 kWh give the New 500 a range of up to 320 km in the WLTP cycle.
To optimise charging time, the New 500 is equipped with an 85 kW fast charger system to charge the battery very quickly. For example, it takes only 5 minutes to build up a sufficient energy reserve to travel 50 kilometres, more than is needed for average daily use. And the fast charger can also charge the battery to 80 per cent in just 35 minutes.
The New 500 has three driving modes: Normal, Range and Sherpa, which can be selected to match your driving style.

Level 2 autonomous driving and connectivity
The car of the future is not just an electric city car, but goes one step further: it literally goes to the next level by being the first car in its segment to offer level 2 autonomous driving, bringing all the associated benefits to urban mobility.
Front-facing camera monitoring technology monitors all areas of the car, both longitudinally and laterally. The intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control (iACC) system brakes or accelerates in response to anything: cars, cyclists, pedestrians. Lane Centering keeps the vehicle in the centre of the lane when the markings are correctly identified.
Intelligent Speed Assist reads the speed limits and recommends applying them, while Urban Blind Spot uses ultrasonic sensors to monitor the blind spots and warn of any obstacles with a triangular warning light on the wing mirror. Then there is Attention Assist, which provides warnings on the display, recommending that you stop and take a break when you are tired.

Style and design
In terms of style, the New 500 implements future mobility in an Italian way, bringing together the considerable legacy of the two previous generations. Because we must never forget that the New 500 is what it is, an iconic city car with the same stylistic proportions and clean design, a sign of our times.
The New 500 has all the elements of style, just quieter, cleaner and crisper. The front is vertical as in the 1957 version, making it less elusive, almost facing the road, and the dynamic feel of the profile has been accentuated.
The result is a well-thought-out and cleaner environment, with fewer buttons and crisp, harmonious lines that are all about sustainability. As for the Hybrid Fiat 500, including the electric version, some trim levels also have seats made using “Seaqual” yarn, derived from plastic recovered from the sea, while others make considerable use of eco-leather rather than real leather.

Incredible excitement
The Fiat 500 has always been synonymous with excitement. And the third generation is also set to amaze, even before pressing the start button. The new 500 debuts in the convertible version: the first open-air four-seater with zero emissions: all open, all electric, all silent.