Include foot reflexology in your weekly routine

Story: Antara Bose

Are long hours on that office chair giving you a bad back? Or maybe you just spent the day at home trying to beat the blues. Physical pain or emotional stress, there’s nothing a good massage can’t fix! We met Jinan Sadiq Al Zaabi, the owner of JinanZ Beauty and Spa, who took us through a truly relaxing session of foot reflexology, and here’s why you should consider it too.

Prevents injuries – A foot massage generallyincludes a massage of the calves and ankles, as well as some stretching of the lower leg. If you’re prone to ankle injuries, regular foot massages will not just aid in recovery but also increase the flexibility of the leg and reduce injuries in the long run. On a side note, if you are more sure-footed, chances are you’ll not take a fall that easy either.

Stimulates nerve endings – Our feet have over 7000 nerve endings, and reflexology is all about applying the right amount of pressure to these points. Each nerve ending corresponds to a certain part of the body, and by stimulating these reflex points, it helps to alleviate pain and promote relaxation.

Improves blood circulation – We spend most of the day on our feet but don’t give them enough exercise. Couple this with stilettos (or any uncomfortable pair of shoes), and you’ve got an aching sole and restricted blood supply. Even a half hour session of foot reflexology is all you need to get the blood flowing again.

Targets common problem – Blocked sinuses, back pains, and even digestion problems can be tackled with reflexology. It’s a good idea to let your therapist know if you have any underlying conditions so they can spend more time on those reflex points.

Energises the body –
If you’re suffering from mental fatigue, it will eventually make you physically tired too. So whenever you’re having a tough day, consider a quick session of foot reflexology; it’s quick, clean, and will leave you feeling rejuvenated to take on the rest of the day.

Helps you sleep better – Ask your therapists, and they’ll always have a story when one of their clients fell asleep during a session. Tests have proven that foot massages, in particular, are an effective way of dealing with anxiety, stress, and depression. When your mind and body are rested, sleep will follow. And yes, there is absolutely no reason to feel guilty!