The McLaren GT 2020: Redefining luxury in a supercar

Story Antara Bose

What the folks at McLaren had in mind when designing this car was not just performance, speed and throttle, but they also wanted to enhance the feel of luxury. The result is an exotic, opulent, supercar that has attributes of competition levels of performance and continent-crossing capability, and yet is practical for daily use, excels in ride comfort, and has all the elements of a premium luxury vehicle.

With a length of almost 4.7 metres, this car is undeniably sleek. If you’re looking at it in the rear view mirror, you won’t have a doubt that the approaching supercar is a McLaren. The core carbon fibre structure ensures it gets exceptional strength, rigidity, and unparalleled driving dynamics. The iconic spoiler is integrated with the boot, and below that is the exhaust that’s relatively lower than other McLarens. However, ground clearance isn’t something that you’ll have any complaints with. With an underbody clearance of 110mm (130mm) with vehicle lift, this McLaren ensures it has no hesitation in conquering any urban road. Giving this car its sporty appeal, are the innumerable vents strategically positioned all over. But unlike a bracelet on the wrist that’s worn pretty much to make a fashion statement, each vent is placed to serve a purpose.

The storage capacity of the McLaren definitely deserves a mention. For its segment, the McLaren GT comes with a very decent luggage capacity. The rear allows a comfortable 420 litres, which means it can accommodate a golf bag even. The front allows an additional 150 litres, which means you can stow up to 570 litres of luggage in total. However, given its close proximity to the engine, you’d expect a little bit of heat at the rear; but the engineers at McLaren probably thought about that before we did. Lined with carbon fibre and all the right quality materials, you can be assured that your luggage stays as comfortable as you.

The McLaren GT blends technology with modern craftsmanship. The full-leather interiors are coupled with the company’s most sophisticated infotainment system (with a 7-inch touch screen), ample storage compartments, adjustable steering, electric seats, ample headroom and legroom. Playing with lights and shadows, the sunroof allows you to control the amount of sunlight you want to let in, and multiple options for the ambient lighting allows you to pick an ambient colour that suits your style
(or mood).

The gentle hum of the 4-litre twin-turbo V8 engine that pumps out 620 HP is pure music to the ears of supercar aficionado. When it comes to what all McLarens are revered for — power, performance, and acceleration – the McLaren GT aces it all. The McLaren GT goes from 0-100km/h in 3.2 seconds and can do 0-200km/h in 9 seconds. It can also achieve a maximum speed of 326 km/h. But this car was built not just for speed, but also everyday use, with elements of premier luxury and practical driving pleasure. The makers ensured that it checks all these boxes too.

Talking about ease of driving, the bonnet isn’t unmanageably long, which makes it easier to navigate turns. With suspensions that boast of double aluminium wishbone and independent adaptive dampers with Proactive Damping Control, going over speed breakers and bumps won’t make you jump. Owing to the vehicle having its centre of gravity in the middle, the McLaren GT also offers more stability on the road. Coupled with excellent handling, a good turning radius, and seamless acceleration, this car is agile, smooth, and a definite head-turner: everything McLaren promises and more.

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