Things to do when you’re staying in

Story Antara Bose

Staying home with the family this weekend? Here are a few things you can do that are not just productive, but even entertaining.
1) Try a new recipe – Since time is probably not a factor, you can afford to go wrong or take a little time to experiment with something new. Once you do get the dish right, though, it’s satisfying to the soul, the taste buds, and the belly. And for those who still mistake a broccoli for a cauliflower, cooking should definitely be on the list of things to try; start with salads maybe?
2) Have an indoor camping night – There was something so exciting about building tents when we were younger. Bring back that excitement and host a camping night for the family. You can even give it a theme. Whether it’s just two people or a family of ten, we guarantee this will keep you occupied the entire evening. Setting up the perfect tent is more hard work than you think!
3) Virtual party – Connect your closest buddies over a conference call. Make sure you check with everyone what time works for all, especially if they’re located in different time zones.
4) Organise a treasure hunt for the family – This is another fun game that you can play with the family, and the best part is it’s entertaining for kids and adults. You can even introduce a prize for the winner – no house chores for the next two days.
5) Mimic your favourite spa – If you can’t go to your favorite spa, fret not. Clear out your favourite niche in the house and set up your own spa. Create the right ambiance by lighting some aroma candles, play your favourite music (you have more choice at home) and assign someone to be your masseuse. You can always return the favour.
6) Start a story session – Instead of watching TV, get the family together and take turns in coming up with your own stories. Let your imaginations run wild. You’d be surprised what good storytellers some people can turn out to be.
7) Organise your wardrobe – It’s not your fault; closets have this magical ability to turn itself upside down. There’s always going to be that one shelf that has never been touched or organised. Get to it! But if you say your wardrobe is in order, how about the medicine closet or those drawers filled with papers you never sorted out? There we go! That should take a couple more hours.