How to be more productive when working from home

Story: Antara Bose

‘Work from home’ is definitely the most trending thing right now. While some people are pretty used to this concept (and wouldn’t have it any other way), others are still getting used to this new way of working. Here are some practical tips if you’ve just started working from home.

  1. Stay connected – With everyone working remotely, it is even more essential to strengthen communication. Whether by emails, phone calls, or messages, ensure you’re keeping everyone updated on your side of work. Apart from routine work, it’s also a good idea to check in on colleagues to find out how they are doing. You won’t be seeing them in the pantry or bumping into them in the corridor. So take the effort to give them a ring every once in a while.
  2. Capitalise on time saved – Here’s an example. You can wake up a little later than usual (those precious extra fifteen minutes), eat your breakfast without rushing out with whatever is the easiest to grab, and enjoy your coffee while admiring nature. Do this or any other task that you find fulfilling in the time that you’d otherwise spend commuting to work.  
  3. Set up your mini-workspace – Find a place where you won’t get distracted easily. It’s also a good idea to be a little less accessible. Sitting in the living room where the family comes together to watch TV or chat, might not just be distracting for you but even inconvenient for the rest of the people in the house. Find yourself a quiet spot and ensure you have all the materials you need, including a good Wi-Fi connection.
  4. Define work-hours – To enjoy the experience and follow a disciplined work routine, give yourself well-defined work hours. If possible, let others know what your hours are too. Amongst other things, this will prevent you from bringing your laptop to your bed. It’s important to even let the family know so they can give you your space when you’re ‘at work’.  
  5. Take breaks to do chores – The best thing about working from home is the flexibility, and it’d be a shame if we didn’t make the most of it. Try to finish quick house chores while you’re working. Start the laundry, and when it’s break-time, you can put them out to dry. Waiting for a brief before you can proceed? Tend to your plants during that waiting time. By the time your work hours are done, you would have ticked off a significant number of house chores, and you would have the rest of the evening to unwind. Now, that’s satisfying!