Grocery shopping during coronavirus

Story: Antara Bose

It’s a strange time. What used to be considered as a chore and a leisurely activity for many has turned into an act that is done out of necessity and cannot be avoided always. By that, we mean grocery shopping. But let’s not make this an excuse to leave home every day. Here’s what you need to consider when you step out next time.

  • Avoid peak hours – This should probably hold true whenever we go shopping, because who likes to wait in a queue, right? But when social distancing is the new norm, it becomes even more essential. If you’ve been going to a particular store often, you’ll know when it receives the most footfall. All you have to do is reschedule your visit to a less popular time.
  • Go alone – You don’t need two people to get bread, butter, and eggs. But we get it; grocery shopping seems to be the only excuse to leave home. In that case, take turns with others in the family so everyone gets a chance to go out.
  • Buy in one shot – That does not mean hoard. It simply means avoid running to the store for every little thing. The smartest way to do this is to maintain a list of items you need to get from the store, and when you think your list is long enough or you’re running out of supplies, replenish it in one go.
  • Don’t idle in the aisle – Make it a quick affair. Follow your list, pick your items, and leave once done. There isn’t much to window shop anyway. Besides, it’s nothing like shopping an outfit for your best friend’s birthday bash, so simply hurry it up.
  • Pay electronically – Whenever possible, opt for a card over cash. A simple tap is easier and safer for you and others around you.
  • Follow instructions – If you see that your stores have put upmarkerswhere you generally queue, be dutiful in following them. As a matter of fact, if there are others getting in between, it’s perfectly alright to tell them it’s wrong.
  • Listen to those in the store – If there is someone checking your temperature at the entrance, or a staff volunteering to sanitise your trolley before you use it, let them do their job and cooperate with them.
  • Show compassion – Don’t make a face if things take longer than usual. Instead, show some appreciation to those who are doing their best to ensure that all our essentials are still available. A positive word goes a long way to motivate a storekeeper.