Clean your diet with 5 fridge essentials

Many families may be cooking more while home right now, so this is a great opportunity to refresh your kitchen staples by filling the fridge with foods that support a healthy diet.

Dietitian and Nutritionist Dawn Jackson Blatner, based in the US, shares her top five fridge essentials to boost overall health and wellness:

Leafy greens

Leafy greens are a powerhouse of nutrients like vitamins A and C, potassium, calcium and iron. They’re great for soothing chronic inflammation and increasing energy levels naturally. Some tasty and versatile leafy greens to add to your grocery list include spinach, arugula, kale, chard and watercress. You can use these as a salad base, add to sandwiches or wraps, create tasty side dishes or incorporate a handful to your favourite meal to add supercharged nutrition.


Eggs are an important source of essential vitamins and nutrients, but not all eggs are created equal. Some eggs offer superior nutrition compared to ordinary eggs at the grocery store, such as 25% less saturated fat, more than double the omega-3s, 10 times more vitamin E and six times more vitamin D. They also contain more than double the vitamin B12 compared to other eggs, which may help maintain energy levels. By simply incorporating eggs into your family recipes, you can easily boost the nutrition of your favourite meals.

Greek yoghurt

Yoghurt is a trending health food, but some yoghurts offer greater health benefits than others. Reach for plain Greek yoghurt on your next trip down the dairy aisle, because it has twice the protein and less sugar than regular yoghurt. Not to mention, its thick, creamy consistency may help you feel fuller longer, reducing the likelihood of extra snacking. Create your own parfait by choosing plain yoghurt and add natural sweetness with fresh fruit or a drizzle of honey. Plain yoghurt also makes a great base for healthier dressings and other tasty recipes.


Fibre is an essential part of any diet because it fills you up, helping you to feel more satisfied throughout the day. Although not technically stored in the fridge, oats are a fibre superstar and a must-have for every kitchen because they offer an affordable and accessible way to get a healthy dose of daily fibre. For example, when eaten as part of a balanced breakfast, oats help curb cravings and keep you feeling satisfied until lunch time. For a simple breakfast on-the-go, blend oats into your favourite smoothie.


All berries are rich with antioxidants that keep your heart healthy and your brain sharp. Berries add great flavour to breakfast foods, salads and more, not to mention snacking on a few throughout the day is a great way to naturally satisfy a sweet tooth. Frozen berries are a wonderful alternative when fresh aren’t available, providing similar health benefits. You can mix into a smoothie, yogurt, or thaw for baking! -BPT