Creative ways to go beyond the curriculum while home schooling

Creative ways to go beyond the curriculum while home schooling Adjusting to this new normal is challenging. However, there are many creative ways families can go above and beyond the school curriculum to learn, explore and stay both positive and productive.
Today many parents are seeking ways to keep their kids engaged and learning beyond the schoolwork remotely assigned by teachers. Here are some fun and creative ways you can use the power of the written word to help create special moments for kids while imparting valuable lessons.

Share life skills
Adjusting to this new normal has found parents wearing even more hats than usual. Many are simultaneously tackling work responsibilities, navigating home schooling and taking care of chores. Make the most of this time by showing kids how to be more organised. It’s a valuable lesson they can learn by watching you.
Adding a creative twist to daily tasks is also a great way to teach children life skills. Sorting laundry can be a fun colour-matching game for toddlers, while older kids can learn valuable kitchen skills with a family recipe challenge. These practical life skills can help kids develop confidence and independence, while providing quality time together.

Focus on family
Having children connect with loved ones can have significant benefits. Start a multi-generational gratitude journal together to create a tangible reminder of what’s truly important. Add context to your kids’ history lessons by sharing and writing down real stories of relatives’ lives during key historical periods. This can help children grasp the lasting importance of these events, while enhancing their sense of family pride.

Experiment with creativity
For parents looking for creative activities outside the curriculum, consider exploring cursive writing, lettering or drawing. These activities stimulate the brain in ways digital devices cannot and increase kids’ ability to retain information, giving them a sense of accomplishment. -Statepoint