Crunchy Creamy Turkish Kunafa

•Kunafa pastry: 400g
•Unsalted butter: 200g
•Sugar 1/2 or ½ cup condensed milk
•Cooking cream: 1 cup
•150g milk
•3tsp corn powder
Sugar syrup
• Sugar: 1 cup
• Water: 1 cup
•Saffron few strands
•Cardamom powder: a pinch
•Lemon juice: 2 drops
•Preheat oven to 180° C.
•Preparing Kunafa crust.
•Break the strands of Kunafa dough.
•Add melted butter and coat well with butter.
•Take the 4’ inch baking mould.
•Place the Kunafa in the mould and even it from all sides.
•Prepare the cream filling.
•Add cream and milk in thick bottom pot, whisk well.
•Bring it to boil.
•Meanwhile mix corn powder to ½ cup of water and mix until no lumps.
•Once the milk comes to boil, gradually add the corn mix and whisk well.
•Then add sugar.
•Whisk briskly until thick cream is formed. Let it cool before pouring it on the Kunafa dough.
•Prepare the sugar syrup.
•Take a pan, add water and sugar along with saffron and cardamom.
•Stir, boil for 15 minutes, or a syrup consistency is formed.
•Add drops of lemon juice to avoid crystallisations.
•Pour the cream over the greased Kunafa dough and cover the cream with the remaining
Kunafa dough.
•Brushing red food colour to the top layer of Kunafa dough is optional.
•Now bake this for 30 minutes, until it becomes crispy and golden brown.
•Once baked remove it from oven and Pour the warm syrup over.

Recipe: Firdaus Noorain