Achari Fish Masala

• Fish fillets: Clean and cut
• Cumin seeds:1/2 tsp
• Fennel seeds: 1/4 tsp
• Ajwain seeds: 1/4 tsp
• Mustard seeds: 1/4 tsp
• Nigella seeds: 1/4 tsp
• Coriander seeds: : 1/2 tsp
• Fenugreek seeds: 1/4 tsp
• Chilli flakes: 1/2 tsp
• Dry lemon powder: 1/2 tsp
• Garlic powder: 1tsp
• Turmeric powder: 1/2 tsp
• Lemon juice: 1/2 lemon
• Oil: 100ml
• Salt
• Tomato puree
• Red chilli powder: 1tsp

For tempering
• Mustard seeds and curry leaves

•Take a frying pan.
•Heat in a medium to high flame. Add 2-3tsp oil. Once the oil is hot enough, lower the flame.
•Now add all the seeds(from cumin till fenugreek in the ingredients) and switch off the gas. Roast well. Roast for 1-2 minutes.
•Once the seeds cool down, add dry chilli flakes, turmeric powder, garlic powder, dry lemon powder and salt.
•Blend into a fine paste. (add water if needed)
•Apply the paste to the fish and marinate for minimum 15 to 30 minutes.
•After 30 minutes, take a thick and flat-bottomed pan.
•Add 2-3tsp oil and once hot place the marinated fish.
•Now close the lid and let the fish cook for 5-7 minutes.
•Flip the fish and cook the other side.
•Meanwhile do the tempering for the fish.
•Take another pan and add 2tsp oil, curry leaves, mustard seeds and few dry red chillies.
•Pour tomato puree, add red chilli powder and cook for 2-3 minutes.
•Now pour this tempering onto the fish and combine well.
•Let this cook for another 5 minutes. (close the lid and cook).
• Serve hot.

Recipe: Firdaus Noorain