Watermelon Souffle

•Watermelon juice: 2 cups
•Water: 1/2 cup
•Powdered sugar: 5tbsp
•Rose water: 2tbsp
•Cream: 5tbsp
•Watermelon pieces: 1/2 cup chopped
•Gelatine: 2 packs
•Sugar for gelatine: 1tbsp
•Watermelon balls for topping

•To 1/2 cup water, add gelatine and 1tbsp sugar and gently heat this in a sauce pan.
•When the sugar and gelatine dissolve, remove from fire and keep aside to cool.
•Beat cream with the help of a hand blender,and add powdered sugar in a mixing bowl. Blend till uniform.
•In another bowl add the watermelon juice, rose water, watermelon pieces and cooled gelatine. Mix well.
•Add the beaten cream and mix gently to combine well.
•Gently pour this into a serving dish and refrigerate for about 3 to 4 hours.
•This will help the dessert to set well.
•Serve cold topped with watermelon balls.

Recipe: Oneza Tabish