How to stick to a fitness routine during the pandemic

Story Antara Bose

Having to stay home makes you lazy, and we totally get that! However, if you can battle the urge and not be a couch potato, staying home actually means you have even more time to get yourself in shape. If ‘work from home’ is the new trend, so is ‘working out at home’. Here are 5 tips to ensure you stick to a good fitness routine.  

  • Pick exercises that you can do at home – If you’re used to going to a gym, playing a sport or running outdoors, staying in and working out might feel like a bit of a challenge. But it’s really not that difficult. There are plenty of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) videos that are just as good. You just need to find a few of them that work for you and device your own training routine. A change will also be good for the body.
  • Bring out long-forgotten equipment – Most of us have a treadmill, a bench for abs, or some other exercise equipment stored somewhere in a closet. It’s time to dust these up and position them strategically in your house. If you see it more often, then chances are you’ll end up using it.
  • Track your progress – Download a fitness app that lets you keep a check on your daily consumption and also your workout. Setting workout reminders, monitoring short-term goals, and stepping on the scales for a quick check, will go a long way in encouraging you to stay fit.
  • Sign up with your favourite trainers online – This works like a gym membership. If you’ve paid a significant amount, it’s more likely you’ll make an effort to stick to it. With more and more trainers taking their classes online, you can pick your desired style of workout and enroll in a full-fledged course.
  • Encourage everyone to do it – They say ‘a family that eats together, stays together’. We’ll change that a little and say, ‘a family that works out together, stays together’. If you can’t get everyone to do house chores together, get them to join you for an exercise session instead. It’s fun, de-stressing, and will even ensure you stay fit. You can also ask each member to contribute one set of their own, so everyone gets a chance to play coach.