Essential lessons to learn from the coronavirus pandemic

Story: Antara Bose

There is always something to learn from a new challenge. In a post-coronavirus world, here are a few lessons we should all carry forward. 

1) Basic cooking – Those who would joke about (and maybe even secretly take pride in) their absolute lack of culinary skills, have probably learnt it the hard way that this wasn’t a boast-worthy quality. The stay at home trend demands that everyone knows their fair share of cooking. The best way is to start with easy-to-follow cooking videos that don’t require complicated processes (and ingredients). Learn until you can make at least three of your favourite dishes.

2) Hygiene – It’s unfortunate that despite the advancements we’ve made, we tend to overlook fundamental hygiene protocols. In a post-pandemic world, we can be certain every one of us would have mastered the essential steps of washing hands right and focusing more on personal hygiene. 

3) ‘Me-time’ – With ample time in hand, we’ve all learnt the importance of giving ourselves the little break we deserve. When the world is chaotic, schedules are busy, and stress-levels are at their peak, thelast thing we thinkabout is taking a step back to unwind for a little. However, this period has shown us just how much taking some time out for a bit of meditation, introspection, and self-care can make all the difference and help increase our productivity in the long-run. 

4) Reconnecting – Didn’t it feel great speaking to that old friend?Technology has ensured thatstaying connected remains the last of our worries. However, we take it for granted. We can spend a couple of minutes (or hours) casually browsing the internet, but it seems like an effort to engage in a real conversation with an old friend. We had forgotten just how heart-warming reigniting an old friendship could be.

5) Disciple – If you’ve complained about not having the time to do things you love, and have still not been able to do it given the current state of affairs, it’s clearly not time that should be held responsible, but the lack of discipline, willingness, and zeal. The pandemic has made us realise the value of self-discipline.