Strengthen your immune system

Every human needs to have a proper immune balance in his body. Our immune system includes our organs, tissues and cells, and help us carry out bodily processes that fight off viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens which can cause infection or disease.

Adding some specific foods in your daily eating habits may help to strengthen your immune response. Here is a soup recipe that will help you to boost your immune system.

Recipe by: Firdaus Noorain

Immune boosting soup

Garlic: 1 whole
Ginger: 1-inch
Coriander leaves: 1⁄4 cup
Celery: 1⁄4 cup
Mint leaves: 1⁄4 cup
Spinach: 1⁄4 cup, chopped
Carrot: 1, grated
Beetroot: 1/2, grated
Few broccoli florets
Tomatoes: 2 large, chopped
Bell peppers: 1/2, chopped
Black peppercorns: 2-3tsp
Few fresh rosemary leaves 5-6
Water: 3 glass
Spring onion: a bunch, chopped
Ground peppercorns: 1tsp
Lemon extract: 1/2 lemon
Dry Basil/Oregano/Thyme
Salt: as per taste

Wash the veggies well in hot water and rinse thoroughly. Let them soak in vinegar water for 5 minutes.
Chop and grate the vegetables accordingly and wash well. Add three glasses of water and black peppercorns.
Close the lid and let the soup cook until the veggies are tender and the water is reduced by half.
Now drain the broth (using sieve or drainer mash the veggies well and collect the broth)
Pour back the broth into the pot. Add chopped spring onions and ground black peppercorns and salt.
Sprinkle the soup with dry basil/thyme and oregano leaves (optional – coriander and mint leaves)
Add lemon extract, once the soup boils. Switch off the flame.
Garnish with some fresh herbs and serve hot.