Beauty dos and don’ts while you are staying in

Story: Antara Bose

Hairstylists, nail specialists and makeup artists – what we wouldn’t do to rush to our favourite salons and surrender ourselves in the hands of these beauty experts right now! But till all the salons and spas remain closed, here are some tips for when you’re staying in.  

  1. Do opt for a root touchup spray – We all laughed about how everyone’s true hair colour would start revealing itself in a few weeks, but now that those initial weeks are over and it is actually happening, there is a serious cause for panic amongst many. However, decisions made in haste are seldom right, so don’t go for a DIY option if you’ve never tried it before. You run the risk of altering the shade you’ve been maintaining for years. For all the virtual meetings and social media selfies, a root touchup spray is all that’s needed.
  2. Do let your nails breathe – If you’re one of those who’ve been obsessed with matching your nails to your attire, now would be a good time to drop that habit and let your nails rejuvenate. With nail salons closing suddenly, we also had a significant people quickly realise that getting that gel polish just before wasn’t such a good idea after all. Assuming you have figured how to get rid of it, make sure you make the most of this time by tending to your nails with hydrating oils, so it emerges stronger for more gel polishes, acrylics and extensions once the lockdown is over.
  3. Do grow out your eyebrows – Full eyebrows will never go out of fashion. If you’re cringing at that statement right now, well, here’s the thing – you’d rather have full eyebrows that you can reshape later than land up with mismatched, semi-plucked, poorly shaped eyebrows. Besides, a little makeup can go a long way if you really need to flaunt those perfect brows for a picture.
  4. Don’t experiment with chemical treatments – Whether it’s a face mask, a peel, or a treatment for the hair, you’d want to stay away from anything that you haven’t already tested on yourself. The last thing you’d want to end up with in a lockdown is an allergy, burn, or a bad chemical reaction.
  5. Don’t skip your skincare routine – Just because you aren’t using your makeup daily doesn’t give you the license to skip skincare too. As a matter of fact, with ample time in hand, it’s advisable to take your beauty routine a notch higher. Give your skin all the love, pampering, and care that your busy schedule was taking away from it.
  6. Don’t strain those eyes – We don’t think getting enough sleep would be a cause for concern, butif you’re going to spend most of the stay-at-home hours glued to the TV, laptop, or mobile, those tired eyes aren’t going anywhere. Make a conscious effort to reduce screen time when you’re idle at home.