Exercising during Ramadan

During the Holy Month of Ramadan you should ensure that you exercise enough to stay fit. Before you go to sleep or when you wake up in the morning do some stretching exercises for 30 minutes at least. If you do not get time in the morning you can also exercise Two to three hours after Iftar. Run on a treadmill for a while if you have one at home or jog around your house if you have a garden of your own.  Avoid physical activity immediately after breaking your fast and also any kind of aggressive and high-intensity exercises. Remember to consult with your physician before starting any physical activity if you have any health issues or lifestyle diseases.

Ramadan Words
A person may say a word that is pleasing to Allah and he may not think much of it, but Allah will, (because of that word), bestow his pleasure upon him on the Day of Judgment…”

Iftar Recipe: By Oneza Tabish


1/2 kg chicken mince
3tbsp of cornflour
1tsp pepper powder
1tsp grated ginger
1tsp celery-finely chopped
2 onions( grated)
1tsp soya sauce
1 egg(beaten)
7/8 slices of bread
Oil to fry
To the chicken mince, add ginger and marinate for 45 minutes.
Add all the ingredients to the chicken except oil, egg and 7/8 slices of bread.
Mix well. Shape the mix into 12 balls, dip in the beaten egg and keep aside.
Meanwhile, cut the bread slices into tiny squares.
Cover the chicken balls with the small, sqaure pieces of bread and fry till golden brown in hot oil in a wok.
Serve hot with ketchup.