One-on-one with Jay Sean

Story – Lester D’Couto

Much like music, the power of technology also helps us cross borders and connect with people from different cultures.

TFM was able to connect with British singer-songwriter Jay Sean during a recent Instagram Live session, where he shared what it was like to live under lockdown, how he’s been spending his free time, and what plans he has for the future.

What have you been up to during the lockdown in the UK?

This lockdown has made me start my own Instagram Live series called Basement Banter and I’ve had guests such as Deepak Chopra, Juggy D and Russell Peters, among many others. 

How has the quarantine been for you?

Honestly as a musician, you are on tour so much that you miss home. Otherwise, every other day, you are on another aeroplane in another hotel room. This has been an eye opener for me in not just spending time with family, but also for people to not hold entertainment celebrities to such a high pedestal when the true heroes are the ones outside now battling COVID-19 for us.

What do you remember from your trip to Muscat?

I remember Muscat as a beautiful place with beautiful people. Every place has its uniqueness and fans are different from one place to another.

What are you working on currently?

Future projects will include working with Juggy and Rishi Rich.

You’ve been a pioneer in representing the Asian community on international music charts, what do you think of the representation now?

It’s certainly growing and becoming a wider base. When I first got onto the scene, it was mainly mixing Punjabi flavours with mainstream beats … but now you see Punjabi, Hindi and other languages with all sorts of musical beats, so it’s diverse and growing, which is great.

Has being with your small kids 24×7 during isolation driven you up the walls?

Hahaha no! I love being a dad. Like I said before, when you are on your own, you don’t get to see them much, so this is good… I’m best friends with my daughter Avya and I can’t wait to share that kinda bond with my son too.

Would you have wanted to change anything about your career so far?

No I wouldn’t, because everything I have experienced until now has led me to this very point. Whether its mistakes, success, hurdles, good songs, bad songs … everything has lead me to being here where I am today.

When can we expect to see new music?

Well, this lockdown has put that on hold … but I can assure you there are at least four tracks that are in the pipeline and that includes collaborative work as well. So rest assured, new music is coming soon. – [email protected]