COVID-19 and its impact on social media activities

Story: Antara Bose

How has the pandemic affected your social media activities, and what kind of content are you now rolling out for your audience?

Aleeza Hasan

Instagram: wanderingmumdiaries

COVID-19 has impacted social media in many ways, but I’m adapting with a forward-thinking mindset to tackle the new obstacles. The first step I have taken is to pivot this situation and create organic content for my audience while focusing on building deeper connections than before. Since I’m a mom blogger, my main focus has been concentrating on a multitude of activities to keep the kids busy as well as engage them in household chores. It’s a great way to create awareness in the little minds about the current situation.  Also, being the Holy Month of Ramadan, I am trying my hand at fun recipes for my followers to learn and experiment with. This worldwide chaos has united us as a global community, and I am certain we will soon see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Nabeela Aslam Farshori

Instagram: nabeela.farshori

Being a food blogger, the only thing I now miss is trying out new restaurants and innovative dishes. But social distancing/quarantine has taught us how to cherish our own little space. It’s taught us to be more productive and creative with lesser resources. Pre-quarantine, my blogging was mostly dependent on new restaurant reviews to generate effective content. Now, I have realised that my followers want to see and learn dishes that are not too fancy and can be prepared at home with ease. I’m also reviewing iftar boxes from different restaurants, as this could be the new normal. My daughters are also cooking new recipes every day, and giving me tips from the internet.

Layla.A Al Siyabi

Instagram: beinglayla_a

I think the lockdown has done very well for my creativity, so I can safely say that it has had a fairly good impact on my social media presence.  I’ve felt more connected with my audience. It is my duty to always be there for them.With the lockdown in place, I had a chance to pump out content that’s more ‘Me’ than ever. That means less sponsored ads and more of my own work – well-practiced, conceptualized, and edited by me.From my insights and analytics, I see that my content has been shared more often than earlier.My content is now focused more on my art, my journey, and my family. It’s slower than usual but authentic.I intend to roll out more videos on self-care, motivation, TikTok, makeup, and fashion.

Saleha Haroon

Instagram: thefancyblogger

With Covid-19 dominating social life, it has become harder to keep creating content. On the other hand, limitations have always helped me rediscover myself and pushed me to be more creative. As a lifestyle influencer, I have made a strong connection with my followers, and they can closely relate to what I post. During this time, I have been sharing the current struggles in a very quirky way. I’m honest in my approach and more helpful than ever before. My quarantine recipes have made so many people discover their inner chefs. From dressing up for a mini balcony vacation to presenting the current crisis in a positive light with my captions, I have inspired many people. I have also collaborated with many of my fellow Oman-based influencers for some fun trending challenges, which were loved by everyone. It is challenging to come up with unique ideas these days, but I think as an influencer, it is my responsibility to be positive during this time. After all, we are all in this together and I strongly believe that with patience and hope we will get through this.

Dr. Husna Zara Khan

Instagram: drhusnazarakhan

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, my social media activity and online presence took a backseat. Being a doctor, understanding this novel virus, its effects, and management was of utmost importance as compared to anything else. But eventually, I got back online and made sure I used my social media platform to educate my audience about the virus and the importance of social distancing, self-isolation, and proper hygiene practices. Yes, the current situation definitely has affected the “influencing” scene due to the strict rules of social distancing just in the same way it has affected other businesses. Attending events, going for reviews, and even getting PR packages are currently restricted. Being at home, staying positive, helping the needy, reflecting on simple pleasures of life, learning from prior mistakes, and praying for a better future is the way to go. Let us all be the change the world needs.