Stand together against COVID-19: WHO’s message of solidarity

In his weekly message, Dr Ahmed Al Mandhari, the Regional Director of the World Health Organization’s Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMRO), has asked for countries to put aside their differences and stand together, so that they can together provide urgent care to those who are among the more vulnerable.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us all the unimaginable impact that a public health threat can have on individuals, communities, and nations. Millions of people have been infected, entire countries are under lockdown, and economies are plummeting.

“People around the world are experiencing unprecedented isolation, anxiety, and fear of what lies ahead. But during these critical times, there are glimmers of hope and solidarity, that show humanity at its best when faced with a common enemy.”

“Communities have come together like never before, showing support to each other, and to all workforces involved in the response. We have also seen unprecedented levels of solidarity by countries within our region to each other, and to the global response, with the focus on supporting the most vulnerable populations.”

“These acts of solidarity are a powerful reminder that what we have in common is stronger that what separates us. More than ever, as global health is under fire, we need to continue to stand firmly together, for the sake of the common good.”

“Let us use this pandemic as the opportunity that marks this as the moment that countries put their differences aside. We have been starkly reminded that no one is safe until every single person is safe, regardless of geographical location or political affiliation. As we work together for the sake of humanity, let us also remember our regional vision, now clearer than ever before, that health for all can only be achieved by all.”