The most searched eye makeup trends

Story: Antara Bose

Face masks have taken over most of our face (and for good reasons), so makeup enthusiasts are rolling out fancy eye makeup you can flaunt. After all, eyes are a window to one’s soul. If you’re bored of going makeup-free, it’s time to bring out your eyeshadow palettes, mascaras, and liners. Here’s a list of not so outrageous trends that you can actually sport when you’re grocery shopping or gearing up for a online meeting (or party).

  1. Embrace the blues – After Meghan Markle flaunted her navy blue eyeshadow, we’ve all agreed that it should feature on top of this list. This is a lovely look to sport for the evenings. Couple it with oodles of mascara or some fancy lashes for that added oomph.     
  2. Gloss and glitter – There’s something about shine. So ditch the mattes this season and switch to colourless gloss eyeshadows. If you’re feeling a little more experimental, add a dash of glitter to the inner or outer (pick one) corners of your eyes.  
  3. Corals for meetings – Apart from the fact that we aren’t really over 2019’s ‘Pantone’s Color of the Year’, we understand the need tokeep it light for official meetings (like the no-makeup makeup look). Opt for shades like champagne, coral, or beige. There are two ways to do this. Use it as an eyeliner on both the top and bottom waterlines to make your eyes pop or go for an eye shadow palette with a few varying hues.
  4. Coloured mascaras – If colouring your lids seems liketoo much of an effort, swap your everyday black or brown mascara with a colourful alternative. We’re talking bright pink, turquoise, or even sunset orange. 
  5. Neon lights – For those who are waiting to have some fun, now is the time to try on the neon eyeshadow trend. Here’s a trick makeup artists are vouching for. Sport the shadow with a slightly brighter shade of eyeliner in the same color. We agree it’s a little bold, but if you’re going to be wearing a mask, you’ll catch people’s reactions without revealing your identity.
  6. Lived-in pastels – This is perfect for those quick selfies when you don’t want to go bare face, but want to still keep it natural. Opt for any pastel tone of eyeshadow or something close to your skin color and outline your lashes with a jet black liner. Smudge the ends for a more natural feel.

Bonus: Natural brows – Don’t mistake natural for unkempt here. However, since the pandemic has forced us to grow out our eyebrows, why not make the most of it. Play it smart (beauty with brains) and go for full, structured, bushy brows. If you’re missing the last part, there’s always a little brow powder to fill the gaps.