COVID-19 masks: What to wear and when

With so many types of masks available to choose from to help protect us from the novel coronavirus, it’s important to know which one is best for you.
When it comes to selecting the right mask, there is no one-mask-fits-all approach that works, but rather, certain masks that are best in specific situations.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), medical masks must be worn by people in the medical profession, and those who take care of someone suspected or confirmed with COVID-19.

“In areas where COVID-19 is widespread and physical distancing of at least one metre cannot be achieved, medical masks should be worn by people who are aged 60 years or over, and those who have underlying health conditions,” adds WHO.

Fabric or cloth masks, however, are recommended for people who have no COVID-19 symptoms, but are in areas where COVID-19 is widespread, and/or where a physical distancing of a metre cannot be achieved.
“This may include people who are in close contact with others, such as social workers, cashiers, and servers,” says WHO. “Fabric masks should also be considered in busy public settings such as public transport like buses, share taxis, and trains, workplaces, grocery stores and other crowded environments.”
The World Health Organization has also asked people to follow their local authorities’ advice on the use of masks.