Six wardrobe ideas you can experiment with

Story Antara Bose

Going on a shopping spree isn’t like it used to be. But if you’re getting bored of your usual wardrobe combinations, here are some mix-and-match ideas that can breathe new life into your wardrobe.

1) Ribbed top with a blazer – You can swap a top with a dress if you have one too. When paired with a blazer, this attire looks incredibly chic. A statement necklace is all you’ll need to complete the look for a virtual meeting. 

2) Matching set – See an abundance of a particular colour in your wardrobe. Clearly, that’s your favourite, so why not go all out with your star colour? For a truly bold look, pick a top and bottom in the same colour and wear it with some chunky jewellery.

3) All in white – Nothing screams summer like an all-white ensemble. A long white summer dress will always be evergreen. Keep your jewellery sleek, elegant, and minimum for a crisp, clean look. Throw on a sheer shrug to give it an additional oomph. And yes, don’t forget your white strappy shoes.   

4) Formal florals – A floral button-down top looks good with almost anything. It is cute, young, and sophisticated. Give your work attire a colourful boost by pairing a matching blazer and trousers with a floral shirt in a contrasting tone.

5) Minimalistic skirts and statement tops – Sure, leggings, track pants, and jeans are great, but everyone’s wearing them. Summers demand something airy, and that’s when flowy skirts become your best bet. Pair them with a not-so-simple summer top. Whether it’s an eye-catching print or a bold cut, make sure your minimalistic skirt is paired with a statement top.        

 6) Smock tops and jeans – Smocked tops are making a major comeback. Not only are they downright comfortable, but can make an otherwise simple dress look fancy. If you love your regular ripped jeans but want to take it up a notch, it’s time to get a smocked top to pair it with.