WHO’s new mental support platform

While the COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on all our lives, measures taken to limit its spread have taken their toll, particularly on our mental health. The uncertainties we all face in our futures, owing to the disease, as well as the stresses faced due to physical isolation and a decrease in social interaction can affect our psychological wellbeing. 

To provide people a few tools and techniques with which they can ease their tensions, the World Health Organization (WHO) has launched a new website that focuses on mental health and wellbeing during the time of COVID-19. It can be accessed at http://www.emro.who.int/mhps/

On arriving at the site, participants are requested to fill in a five-minute questionnaire that will provide information about their current mental state. Once completed, they are then made aware of how stress can impact their day-to-day lives, and the debilitating long-term effects it can have.

The third section of the portal contains a few simple things people can practice to lighten their mental burdens. They provide information on how communicating with family members, friends or trained counsellors can help alleviate your situation, as well as things you can do yourself, such as breathing exercises, pursuing productive activities, and even something as simple as reading a book.