Latest summer makeup trends

Story: Antara Bose

Summer is here, and so are the latest summer makeup trends. Here is a list of our flaunt-able favourites. 

  • Go all-out with lashes – Lashes are getting more attention than before with face masks still in the picture. So going all out with volumizing those lashes is a logical trend. If you aren’t into artificial lashes, just go for mascaras that will add volume to your peepers.
  • Sun-kissed glow – There’s something undeniable alluring about the sun-kissed look. It’s not a hard look to master and can be easily achieved with the right bronzer and highlighter. 
  • Neons – Liners or eyeshadows, neon shades are everywhere. Coloured mascaras are also trending, so if you’re feeling really bold, complete the look with some neon mascara too.
  • Dash of sparkle – The ‘summer shine’ is incomplete without a little sparkle. Pick your favourite colour of glitter eyeshadow and apply it generously over your eyelids only. Don’t hesitate to go for a double layer. Be wary though, because glitter eyeshadows tend to fall out easily.  
  • Blushing pink – There are some of us who love the pinkish glow more than the bronzed look. Embrace your natural summer flush and brush on some extra pink blush. The only thing you’ll have to ensure is you find the perfect pink for your skin tone. The best part is you can also double the blush as an eyeshadow. What else could we ask for!
  • Candy lips – Dewy lips with a little bit of sheen are all the rage this summer. Though shades of pink are recommended, you can also experiment with purples and oranges (as long as you can match these to your skin tone).
  • Brushed-up brows – Eyebrow trends demanda bolder, bigger, and bushier look. The best thing about this style is it does exactly that – makes your eyebrows look thicker. As the name suggests, all you have to do is brush your brows upwards and set it there. Of course, for a fuller look, remember to fill in any gaps.