Everyone can help stop the spread of COVID-19

As businesses and services reopen experts worldwide warn that people must continue taking precautions to help stop the spread of the virus.

“The spread of COVID-19 is staggering and concerning. We all have a role to play in stopping the spread and protecting ourselves, our family and our neighbours,” says Susan R. Bailey, M.D., president of the American Medical Association (AMA). “The science is clear. We know what stops the spread of the virus – wearing  face masks, physical distancing and regularly washing hands — and it is on all of us to practice these steps. Without a vaccine for this novel virus, the only way to turn the tide and recapture a sense of normal is by working together.”

The following guidance and insights can help keep you, your friends and your loved ones healthy and safe.

Wear face mask: Take the simple steps that science has shown will help stop the spread of the virus: wearing a face mask, maintaining physical distance and washing your hands. The simplest tried-and-true methods are still the most important.

Keep up with doctor visits: Before you decide to forgo routine care or screenings, talk to your doctor. Physicians are using telehealth services and have taken painstaking precautions to make their practices safe. Make sure you keep up with your vaccines, and don’t let something that in normal circumstances could be handled with an early visit to your physician land you in the hospital.

Be mindful that re-opening is not the same as a return to normal: When indoors, wear a mask and stores that are open. Stay connected with friends and family, but do so in a physically-distant and safe manner,  where masks and hand sanitiser are used.

Take time to clear your head and rest: With many people working from home or working under more stressful conditions, it is important to take mental health breaks. Get up and move, take a walk outside, step away from the computer, and take days or hours off from work.

As the death toll from COVID-19 continues to rise worldwide, physicians, nurses, hospital and health system leaders, researchers and public health experts want people to know that it is within their power to help stop the spread of the virus. -Statepoint

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