Seven summer hair tips for seven days of the week

Story: Antara Bose
Embrace the best version of your summer hair with these easy summer hair tips.

1) Burning scalp – Well, you’re not alone if you’ve felt this. Prolonged exposure to the sun, especially with the temperatures soaring, can actually burn your scalp (even through your hair). Some people are more susceptible to this than others. To stop your scalp from burning, add a little sunscreen to a spray bottle full of water and squirt some on your scalp.

2) Natural highlights – Want some highlights? Go natural! Squeeze some lemon juice on the tresses you want to lighten and just step out in the sun. However, make sure you follow up with loads of moisturisation because lemon tends to dry your hair.

3) Up-dos – Keep your hair off your back this summer. It’s the perfect time to learn some new up-dos. If you thought up-dos were only for long hair, well, we’re here to tell you that you can sport some fabulous up-dos even if you’ve just cut your hair super short. All you’ll need are lots of hairpins. Headbands can really work wonders to give that added support if your hair is short.

4) Battle frizz – If you feel your hair is getting frizzier in summer, you need to invest in some good hair serums or mists. Look for words like sulfate-free, hydrating, or anti-humidity. Apply or spray some on as soon as you’re out of the shower, so the products seep in properly. In addition, instead of drying your hair with a regular towel, use a T-shirt.

5) Sport natural beach waves – Beach waves and summer hair go hand-in-hand. But ditch the styling rod and fancy hair sprays and do it naturally. Make a concoction with sea salt, coconut oil, a little bit of hair gel, and water and apply all over your tresses. Scrunch your hair into a bun and give it a few hoursbefore letting your hair loose.

6) Hair masks – Our tresses need some love and care too. So the next time you’re sitting down with a refreshing face mask, do the same for your hair. Look for masks that have peppermint if you want that tingling, cool sensation.

7) Scarves – Scarves don’t just have to go around your neck (such a no-no during summer). What we tend to forget is that our tresses need to be protected from sun damage too. A simple yet stylish hack is to tie a scarf on your head. There are a dozen styles you can sport. Not only does it look chic but it’ll stop your hair from getting dry and keep stray strands off your face.

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