Eco-friendly home cleaning hacks

With families spending more time at home, messes are on repeat and cleanups are often an hourly routine. At the same time, many households are looking to reduce their environmental impact affordably.

The good news is that saving money and the planet can go hand-in-hand at home. To green up your clean up and create healthier spaces, consider these tips:

Reduce and reuse

Ditch paper towels for reusable cloths and sponges. Make sure to wash them regularly on the highest heat setting (dishwasher for sponges, washing machine for cloth) to avoid spreading messes around. Your old T-shirts and towels make fantastic reusable cleaning tools. Use old towels on your refillable sweeper mops, and cut t-shirts into large squares to be used as rags and dusting cloths.

Opt for green cleaners

Over 50 percent of people are looking for cleaning products that reduce the number of harsh chemicals their families are exposed to, according to a Lightspeed/Mintel survey based in the US. If that describes you, consider solutions working for other consumers.

Foster cleaner air

Skip store-bought air fresheners. Instead, simply boil lemon, cinnamon, cloves or any favourite plant for a natural, lasting aroma. You can further promote fresh air at home simply by opening windows whenever possible. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the US recommends doing so to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

For a healthy home, prioritise cleaning habits that reduce your environmental impact and limit the harsh chemicals to which your family is exposed.