Make your bedroom from drab to fab

Every room, regardless of its design, reaches a point of familiarity that feels boring. When your bedroom reaches this point, it’s time for an interior design makeover. The best part of redoing your room is it doesn’t have to be expensive or stressful. Checking out today’s latest DIY bedroom ideas will inspire you to rearrange your room without breaking the bank.You may be surprised to find how easy it is to recreate your bedroom. Your bedroom will be so warm and relaxing, you won’t want to leave!
Here are 10 DIY bedroom ideas to make you feel inspired!

1. Eliminate the clutter

Cutting the clutter is one of the easiest ways to make your bedroom feel cleaner and larger. It’s also the first and most important step in any room redesign. Have you ever seen a cluttered bedroom featured in an interior design magazine or website? No! They’re all clean and well-organised.This single step will greatly improve the look and feel of your bedroom. Pay attention to your floors! This shouldn’t be a space to store unused equipment, old clothes, or other miscellaneous items. Cleaning clutter will also make moving furniture in your room much easier.

2. Paint a wall

Are you tired of the current wall colour in your bedroom? Bland colours like white or beige can feel dull. Spice up your bedroom by painting one wall with a rich warm colour. An access wall will add focus and dimension to your bedroom. Deep blues, dark greys, or deep yellows look inspiriting and will pair well with your current white or beige colours.

Or repaint your entire bedroom with two new colours you love. For those with asymmetrical bedrooms, consider painting two walls with the accent colour to tie the room together.

3. Incorporate green

Bedrooms should be a calm relaxing place for you to rest. Adding elements from nature will make your bedroom look high-end and tranquil. Plants and flowers can improve your mood and make a space feel calmer. Adding objects such as plants, flowers, or sticks will make great accents to your bedroom. Use sticks and rocks to create bookends or legs on a side table. Everything should have a purpose to prevent clutter.

4. DIY bedroom furniture

Repurposing old crates and cinder blocks is a creative way to make a custom bedside table. Repurposing old items, including furniture, is a growing trend in interior design. It’s also easy to create a vintage-chic style in your bedroom.

You can find many old crates or old boxes at second-hand stores. Bring them back to life by sanding and painting them a color that fits your bedroom’s colour scheme.

You can find affordable cinder blocks at most hardware and home improvement stores. Creatively stack them to make a custom bedside table.

5. Reorganise DIY bedroom wall decor

One of the easiest DIY bedroom ideas is rearranging your wall art. Consider a salon-style layout or simply moving artwork into new areas of your bedroom.

For an extra splash of luxury, replace the frames. Try different frame styles for a homey mismatched feel or similar frames for a gallery-inspired look.

6. Add lights

What better way to make a bedroom feel warm and inviting than by adding lights? Overhead bedroom lights are often cold and harsh. Adding lamps or a string of lights will create an expensive and tranquil ambiance.

Consider replacing your ceiling light altogether. Install a warm stylish light such as a pendant, drum-shaded fixture, chandelier, or any other hanging light you like. The light fixture should complement the theme and colours of your bedroom.

7. Make a headboard or footboard

If your bed doesn’t have a headboard or has one that looks bland and outdated, why not add a new one? Headboards add focus to your bed and make a room feel cozy.

One DIY headboard idea is to use salvaged wood. You can get old wood from your neighbours or old buildings. Some second-hand home stores may have old wood in storage.

Simply nail the wood to the wall or to legs to attach to your bed. You can paint the wood or leave it as-is for a vintage-inspired look. Old shutters and cabinet doors also work well.

For a sleeker feel, add a footboard to your bed. TV beds are growing in popularity and come with a TV build into the footboard. This will give you the flexibility to watch TV while allowing you to rearrange your bedroom however you like.

8. Move the furniture

Another easy way to make a bedroom feel fresh is by moving the furniture. Rearranging furniture can improve the flow of a room. This makes it easier to navigate and can optimise the use of space.

Create balance by placing another large piece of furniture opposite your bed. Bedside tables on both sides of the bed will also create balance. Make sure your furniture is still easy to use in its new spot.

9. Add a throw blanket and pillows

Nothing says comfort and luxury than a warm thick throw blanket on the end of your bed. If you look at any high-end bedrooms, you’ll find many beds have an extra blanket folded or draped at the end of the bed. Find a cozy blanket that accents your room and your bedding.

Throw pillows also add a level of luxury. They can tie a room together while adding focus to your bed.

10. Mount DIY shelves on the walls

Do you have books or other random nicknacks floating around your bedroom? Adding DIY shelves will give extra storage and space to display your collections.

Bookshelves will make a room feel lived-in and inviting. They can make a room more dynamic and fill an empty wall. Mounting bookshelves directly to the wall will help keep your room feeling open and clean.