Building a better nation, one positive step at a time

Story: Gautam Viswanathan

One action, once a week, every week. That’s all we need to do to contribute to a better country, according to Savitha Rao, the author of a book that encourages small actions designed to spread positivity every day.

Savitha aims to inspire people by sharing simple acts of positivity from people of all ages: 52 acts of positivity have been referred to in her book, titled India Positive Citizen, with the youngest person featured within just seven-and-a-half years old, while the oldest is more than a hundred.

Savitha has written this book because she is keen on contributing towards “Building a great Nation one India Positive action at a time.”

Dedicated to the Indian Armed Forces and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice while serving their country, the book offers powerful yet highly actionable ideas on how everyone – from a child to a senior citizen – can actively and joyously participate in nation building.

Savitha Rao

“Gender, age, education, socio economic status do not matter,” she says. “You don’t even have to be within the geographical borders of India. You can be anywhere on the planet and contribute towards making a positive difference in India. From food to environment to water to civic issues and many more aspects where we can make a difference even as we go about our daily lives, these stories of unsung heroes from across India will leave you enormously inspired.

“None of them have huge resources,” she says. “What they did have was the compassion to help those around them and the passion to pursue their vision. Citizens have shared their action ideas within.”

The book is very interactive. Savitha Rao invites you to read, reflect and write your ideas in the book and bring them to life with action. She aims to inspire others by the actions of fellow citizens, with concise chapters allowing for this book to be read quickly and easily.

“In fact most readers find themselves getting into action with the ideas inspired by the book,” she adds. “In a time when the pandemic has impacted every nation and people feel powerless – this book infuses positivity and empowers the reader.

“For people living overseas, this is a great book to read,” explains Savitha. In fact, I would like you to invite your family and friends to read it as well. With a shared context, you will be able to initiate your own positive actions in a creative and impactful way.”

Savitha Rao’s work in the space of sustainability sparked in her the idea that change at macro level is not possible without change at individual level. She has been running social campaigns since 2012. Her ideas were featured in the Mann Ki Baat program of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and a meeting with the PM added further momentum to her ideas.

The book is part of a wider initiative to inspire everyone to contribute towards nation building. India Positive Citizen by Savitha Rao is available in Kindle e-book format on Amazon. A paperback copy (within India) can be purchased at